Complimentary Consultation

What to expect....

We are not afraid to give of ourselves, in fact quite frankly we make sure that our intentions are vibrantly clear right from the start. Our interests rest with learning all about you and sharing with you all that there is to know about us so as to be in best position of all... A position of pure power.

We want to empower you by giving you the opportunity to make a well-informed quality decision about your personal health and fitness and how to best go about doing that.

To do that we interview you to find about your past medical history, your experiences with exercise and nutrition and subsequent expectations going forward. We also conduct an initial physical evaluation which gives you instant feedback on your health and fitness needs. It also gives us the information we need to help design a customized program with the greatest degree of accuracy and results possible.

Come and see our place. We have put a lot of effort into the intention of the design and the overall experience you get when visit us... and nothing beats putting a name and a smile with the faces and voices you'll come in contact with.

Best of all, there is absolutely no obligation or pressure of any sort. We feel really good about the fact that everyone including our staff and clients are here because they truly want to be. So the invitation to schedule a time for us to meet to discuss your health and fitness needs is open and extended to you.

I look forward to having the chance to meet with you to see if the opportunity, the timing and our facility is right fit for you.

joe green

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