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Do you feel like in your limbo? ...


I think it has a lot to do with the time of year. Everything is changing and it's more than just the leaves on the trees. The temperatures are cooling off, the days are getting shorter, kids are back to school and your whole routine changes in many ways and it all adds up.

As the weather changes and winter approaches we're far less likely to be as active and out and about as we are when it's nice outside. Consequently your level of activity, eating habits and more... all change.

You can roll with the punches and do nothing (gain weight now plus whatever the holidays bring)    OR...

You can give yourself a refreshing break and skip past the (clothes fitting tight, feeling bloated and uncomfortable phase) and get a grip on things right now. It's a fact, it's much easier to maintain a healthy weight than it is to battle your way up from ground zero.

I've designed a new cutting edge fitness boot camp by changing the whole experience. Here's how it works, check it out:

If you're interested in serious change then you have to try something new.... and this is it!

YOU GET (This FREE t-shirt) plus my:
You get the benefit of experiencing three custom designed workouts each lasting a full 60-minutes.
* PHASE 1 Core - for Inches to Burn (NEW)
* PHASE 2 Cardio- for Calorie to Burn (NEW)
* PHASE 3 Strength for Fat to Burn (NEW)

That's right, you'll have access to my post workout recipes to consume after your workout. You can try it out for yourself. Best of all the camp starts with a few suggested secrets to success that you can use if you choose to get a jump start on eating healthy.

This program features GoalTrend which is part of a system that puts some of your skin in the game (you become accountable to yourself, to me as your coach, to the processitself and to others in the class)
* Weekly weigh-in
* Weekly measure
* Weekly fit-test
* Weekly goals
* Weekly fitness challenges

Have fun with some really cool incentives

EVERYONE who joins and completes the entire camp will have a shot at a little extra-incentive that's built right into this boot camp. There are two challenges to choose between

#1 The Most Delish-Dish Challenge
Prepare a healthy meal with or without a dessert 500 calories or less and if your meal is voted as the best we've tasted
You get 50% of your registration fee BACK and ...You and/or your recipe will be featured on one or more of our social media platforms
                           - OR -

#2 The Amazing Walk The Walk Challenge
Walk the course as fast as possible and pick up clues along the way, completing challenges as you go until you get to the end... The fastest completed time recorded by the person who arrives at the finish first gets 50% of their registration fee BACK. (Do this with another boot camp member and split it... each person gets 25% of their registration fee BACK.

Ok... So how's that for different?!... Fun, challenging and rewarding all in one shot. Meanwhile you'll be you'll be melting away the fat and burning calories like a stoked furnace....

Space is limited so don't hesitate. I've heard from those who always seem to grab one the first available spaces that their trick is to reply asap and get registered the moment they receive this email.


I usually get this question ... Will this BOOTCAMP be offered again anytime soon?It will not be offered again for the rest of this year and there are no plans for one anytime soon after this one. Don't want to see you miss out, register now!

Reserve the series (3) classes
When: Thursdays 11/3, 11/10, 11/17
Time:   6:30pm - 7:30pm
Where: Joe's at Fit For You

You Get:
* Accountability, Reliability
* Results Tracking
* Weekly Goals
* Eating Suggestions fast track results
*. Consume post workout samples provided
* Motivation and Fun Challenges
* 3 All New Specialty Classes
* Chance to win a 50% Rebate
* FREE Bootcamp Survivor T-Shirt
* A chance to WIN and be featured on our social media sites as the winner of one our fun fitness challenges

1. Email Joe to reserve your space
2. Type "BOOTCAMP BURN-IN" in the subject line
3. Pay to officially reserve your space
4. Provide your full name, full home address with zip code, phone number, t-shirt size
5. Cost - Register by 10/20 Save 20% $59
After the 20th of this month the registration fee is $75


Re-Ignite your metabolism with energized workouts, fun fitness challenges and daily exercise homework to do in between class sessions. All the while we'll track your results and keep you on track to hit the holidays full steam ahead by looking good and feeling great with a renewed purpose and increased level of energy.

C'mon let's do this!