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diana 1.jpg

Joe, I know your on vacation but I wanted to tell you about my doctors visit yesterday. My doctor kept telling me how great I looked. She said it about 10 times, no lie. I told her what I've been doing and she told me to keep it up.  Makes me want to work even harder.  

Since I started your program I've lost 17 lbs, lost over 4 inches around the waist and over 3 inches around the hips. This picture is of me before I started with Joe and his staff at Fit For You. 

Sure go ahead and post pictures of "the new and forever improved me" I don't mind at all. I'm so proud of myself. Thank you for your guidance and your encouragement. 

diana 2

I did it, I finally reached my goal" ... New goals ahead. I am so happy and very excited.