I came across this great story just this morning and thought I would share it with you.

One day a farmer lost his horse and the neighbors came over to say, "Oh, that's too bad." ...The farmer replied, "Good or bad, hard to say."

Days later, the horse returns and brings with it seven wild horses. The neighbors cam over to say, "Oh. that's so good!" ... The farmer just shrugs his shoulders and says, "Good or bad, hard to say."

The next day, the farmer's son rides one of the wild horses, is thrown off and breaks his leg. The neighbor comes over and says, "Oh, that's terrible luck." ... The farmer says, "Good or bad, hard to say."

Eventually, officers come knocking on people's doors, looking for men to draft for the army and they see the farmer's son and his leg and they pass him by. The neighbors say, "Ooh, that's great luck!" ... The farmer says, "Good or bad, hard to say."

-- This story is about how quickly we can judge situations based off of a single seemingly positive or negative event. It's about how even when things seem at their worst or things couldn't get any better, every event is just a stepping stone, a moment along the way.

Taking the next step is unavoidable, the next move is always yours to make. But it's up to you whether you rejoice in the good times or dwell in the bad. I hope that anyone who reads this, whether they're on a good stepping stone or a bad one right now, can imagine how the singular event you're experiencing today might help you prepare for the next one in the future.

Whether you're eating good or bad, exercising or not, feeling your best or worst...

Weather the storm of today in exchange for the rewarding sunrise of a brighter tomorrow because it will come, you just have to arrive.

Today's Homework - Set a goal today that you can be proud of by this time next month. Example: 10 push-ups every single day for the next 30 consecutive days.

Prove to yourself that you can do it, because you can and in just 30 days you will have completed 300 push-ups, toned up your arms and chest, increased your strength and you will be celebrating an accomplishment you can be proud of in the very near future.

Good or bad you won't have to say!"