Erika Sallavanti



Erika began her career in the health and fitness industry six years ago dedicating her time and energy towards research. That journey was initially motivated through her own personal challenges with weight management. Since then she has learned and applied the principles for success to affect positive tansformative change.

She is very passionate about helping others find the same joy and richly rewarding success that she has enjoyed for herself as well as the clients she works with. Erika brings key attributes to the talented team of fitness professionals at Joe Green Fit For You with her personal experience and blended approach to health and fitness through her mind, body and spirit philosophies.


Erika's specialties and certifications include:

  • Professional personal training one on one
  • Professional personal training small group
  • Total Body fitness class instructor
  • Schwinn Spin Instructor

She continues her educational pursuits with a focus on health and fitness solutions for those facing the challenges of arthritis, post cancer treatment and movement disorders such as Parkinson's